Codingcamp.ID by Coding Indonesia; is the place where anyone can learn how to code, the core skill of a computer programmer. They teach kids starting at age 7 the fundamental skills of programming using the method of game development. The adult programs prepares students either for the industry or as digital entrepreneur. 

"We want to introduce coding to everyone, the earlier the better. Our life today and tomorrow cannot be separated from technology. Learning to understand and write computer programs is essential skill that will give you a better option in your career or life as an entrepreneur. If you found your children interacting with applications or games on computer, tablet, smart phone, this indicates the first step for them to do more with the technology. Our Coding for Kids & Teens class encourages every members to see applications or games from the other side, the creator’s side. We teach the students the mindset of a programmer or coder, think analytically, logical, and teach them how to find ways to get to their intended goals.
- Kurie Suditomo, Co-Founder Coding Indonesia

Codingcamp.ID by Coding Indonesia needs to branding theirselves to be a place/ community where childrens can get together and share together with a mentor to learn to think analytically, solve problems and do teamwork logical, structured, and creative through programming code.

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